A Warm Congratulations to the Pioneering MHAM Graduates who successfully passed the March 2024 Medical Technologist Licensure Examination(MTLE) held on March 21-22, 2024, at Cebu City, Philippines.

To the extraordinary first graduating class of the MHAM program, a thunderous round of applause for achieving a phenomenal 96% passing rate on the March 2024 Medical Technologist Licensure Examination (MTLE)!

This accomplishment is not just a testament to your individual brilliance and tireless efforts, but a resounding validation of the MHAM program’s excellence. You are the trailblazers, setting an incredibly high bar for future batches to come.

We are filled with immense pride for conquering the MTLE with such a remarkable success rate. Passing this rigorous exam signifies your readiness to excel in the vital role of medical technologists, serving as the backbone of the healthcare industry.

Congratulations once again! This 96% passing rate is a truly historic achievement, and we have no doubt that each of you will make a significant impact as you embark on your careers as licensed medical technologists.